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mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

seated mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber at elixir health and wellness
reclined mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber at elixir health and wellness

mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


mHBOT is a non-invasive way to increase our body’s oxygen carrying capacity. Oxygen is what allows us to make ATP, or energy, and is needed by every cell in the body to function.


The combination of pressure (1.3 - 1.5 ATA) and concentrated oxygen (93% - 97%) allow the oxygen to penetrate up to 600% deeper into our tissues and organs, and 1200% deeper into the brain. The brain especially is an oxygen-needy organ - it’s about 2% of an average person’s weight and uses 20% of the oxygen.


Oxygen molecules shrink under pressure allowing them to dissolve into the plasma of our blood and enter constricted blood vessels, inflamed tissue, and cross the brain blood barrier.


mHBOT sessions build off of each other through repetitive exposure, and depending on the outcome desired range from 1 - 60 sessions.. By allowing the oxygen to “build up”, genes that code for repair upregulate and the ones that code for cell death deregulate.



What kind of Hyperbaric chambers do you have?

We have the following chambers:

  • Henshaw XL Recline mild Hyperbaric Chamber (1.31ATA)

  • OneBase Upright/Seated mild Hyperbaric Chamber (1.31ATA)


What do I need to know about using the mild hyperbaric chamber?

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) is a therapy that most people can do. The process is very straight-forward - it involves you sitting (or laying down) in a large pod with a chair (big enough for 2 people!) and breathing oxygen through a face mask or nasal canula.


How often should I do hyperbaric therapy for best results?

Generally, protocols for anti-aging, brain fog, long-term health benefits, or chronic conditions, are 20-60 sessions. Protocols for increased performance, energy and clarity, jet lag, and acute conditions, 1-30 sessions are typical.

This exact protocol will be determined personally for you.


Who should not do mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

You should delay doing treatment if you have severe allergies or a cold. You may feel a pressure in your ears (similar to flying) during the descent and ascent and need to be able to breathe through your nose to clear your ears.


Anyone experiencing seizures should not do mHBOT. If have not been cleared by your doctor post mTBI/concussion, it is recommended you wait to do mHBOT.


If you cannot get down to or up from the floor without assistance, please book the seated mild chamber and have someone come with you that can help you with mobility.


What should I wear?

What can I bring inside the chamber with me, and what is not acceptable?

Come dressed as you are! Whether it's a sports outfit, or a business suit - you will not be changing into anything for your session. You will remove your shoes, but otherwise can wear anything you'll be comfortable sitting in or is most convenient. ​

You can read, nap, meditate, listen to a podcast, work on your laptop, take calls, or watch a show during the treatment. There is no plug in the chamber so if you'll be using a device, make sure it's charged. You can also bring a bottle of water with a lid.


Please do not wear perfume or anything heavily scented because it will leave a scent in the chamber. Food and  drink containers without a lid are not allowed inside the chamber.


What if I'm claustrophobic?

If you've ever flown on a plane, you'll have a similar and much more comfortable experience in our mild Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers.


Both of the chamber are very roomy, and can accommodate a parent and small child in each at the same time.


They both also have windows to the outside, a light, a fan, an emergency shut off valve, and the client will be able to talk to us the entire time if they want to. 


If you are severely claustrophobic, you may need time to acclimate.


I'm interested in optimizing my health overall.

How can this help me?

If you're serious about longevity, you may want to start with the Health Optimization program which shows you where your health currently is using a test called Metabolomix+.


We then work together to correct your environment (both cellular and external) to match your long term health benefits. We can add on red light therapy, compression therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help reverse cellular age.


This protocol can be a 6+ month process.


I'm a runner/ golfer/ fighter/ football/ baseball/ hockey player/ student athlete.

How can this help me?

The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is a great athletes focus on recovery.


Depending on your goals, there are a variety of protocols that help you get focused on the course, give you stamina in the ring, or help your legs recover after a long run.

A single session can be used as an oxygen/focus booster before a game/fight/round/run to increase performance.

There are other off-season protocols to help boost long-term recovery and performance.


I've experienced a traumatic brain injury/concussion, and still have symptoms.


How can this help me?

Please get cleared by your doctor before seeking other treatments and therapies.  


The brain uses 20% of the body's oxygen. After a traumatic event, there may be blood vessels that have been cut off from circulation or areas of the brain that have restricted blood flow. Re-oxiginating the brain through mHBOT where the oxygen in circulation can increase 1200% has been shown to provide significant healing for brain related trauma.


I'm going into/coming out of surgery.


How can this help me?

The sooner you get into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the better it works.


mHBOT, especially when combined with red light therapy and compression, has been shown to significantly improve recovery and decrease recovery time.

Please call or email us first before booking sessions for this reason so we can determine if this is the right therapy for you.


How do I know what protocol I need?

Call or text us at (985) 492-0404, email us at or send an inquiry through the Contact page!


Protocols are personalized based on you and your needs. There is a general guideline for the protocols, but things like lifestyle, and your goals play a big role in what is going to help you most.


What are HSA and FSA accounts?

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are health benefit accounts that allow you to contribute a portion of your salary or wages (before taxes) to cover certain out-of-pocket healthcare costs. You will usually receive a debit card you can use on eligible purchases.

If you’re unsure whether you have an HSA or FSA, check with your employer or health insurance plan administrator.


What offerings at Elixir Health and Wellness is eligible for HSA and FSA?

Everything at Elixir Health and Wellness is eligible HSA/FSA! You can use your card on therapies, protocols, purchases, even gift cards for loved ones. 

If you have more questions, send us a message on the Contact page! You can also follow our social media pages to get a better idea of what treatments look like and what other customers are saying, and Subscribe to the Newsletter from the Home page to learn more about the world of longevity and biohacking!

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